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ICO December 8, 2017

Bill Gates Co-Founder of Microsoft
Bitcoin is a technological tour de force.
Richard Branson Founder of Virgin Records, Virgin Galactic and 400+ other businesses
Virgin Galactic is a bold entrepreneurial technology. It’s driving a revolution and Bitcoin is doing just the same when it comes to inventing a new currency.
Erik Schmidt CEO of Google
Bitcoin is a remarkable cryptographic achievement and the ability to create something that is not duplicable in the digital world has enormous value.
Peter Thiel Co-Founder of Paypal
I do think Bitcoin is the first [encrypted money] that has the potential to do something like change the world.
Paul Buchheit Creator of Gmail
Bitcoin may be the TCP/IP of money.

Blockchain and Bitcoin Success

Big Banks and Financial Institutions adopting BlockChain Technology due to Privacy, Global Reach, Speed and Security.

Big Brands adopting Bitcoin Payments and Wallets due to Convenience, Global Reach, Speed and Security.

About Bitque

BitQue is a decentralized autonomous organization DAO solely based on decentralized crypto-currency platform. We are building a community and culture of people utilizing our Platform, helping the community and benefiting from the community.

BitQue Portal provides secure wallet, P2P Trading Exchange and e-Commerce interface for our community to manage various transactions in the new World of Crypto Currency:

  • P2P Exchange Transactions
  • e-Commerce Merchant Processing
  • Unique Shopping Experience
  • Promote Member Products and Services
  • Social Networking for Crypto Entrepreneurs

Unmatched Potential. Tremendous Opportunity.

Participate in BQT Class A Initial Coin Offering (ICO), scheduled on December 8, 2017. Become our partner helping over 2.5 billion of unbanked/under-banked people get potential of utilizing crypto-currency in the new global economy.

2.5 Over 2.5 Billion
5.5 Over 5.5 Trillion
Transactions Potential

Opportunity for

Using potential of BitQue community our users will get quick access to tools and crypto-currency to assist with their daily needs. They will have ability to borrow, lend, save and pay for goods and services protected by Blockchain security. In addition, access to our marketplace will let our members purchase products and services posted by our affiliates and other members. During pre-boarding/pre-ICO period every member will be granted $10 / 100 BQT tokens as well as additional $1 / 10 BQT tokens for sharing this opportunity with friends on social media.

Opportunity for
Partners/BQT-Coin Holders

BitQue ICO will be traded on Ethereum Blockchain Platform and will bring dedicated partners sharing distributed digital assets via our crypto-currency instead of burden of expensive traditional IPO. BitQue APIs will be available for our community of entrepreneurs, startups and other businesses to sell products and services using our technology to stimulate growing crypto economy even further. The Ethereum Blockchain API makes it effortless for anyone to quickly adapt their services and to reach a tremendous untapped audience of our community and beyond. BitQue ICO price will be offered initially at 10c with pre-boarding/pre-ICO premiums and grants for initial members.

Facebook 1.5 billion clients $400 billion
Apple 800 million clients $600 billion
BitQue ?

Grow Your Wallet Fast

Build your Daily Wallet Value by Transacting with other members. BitQue Exchange provides easy way to find best offers instantly or place your offer to BitQue community. Simply set your terms, set your rate and start earning. *

Daily wallet accellerator

Accelerate Your Wallet Value by building your team. Get aggressive Daily Matching Bonuses on all P2P and e-Commerce Transactions generated by BitQue portal members in your team.

That’s NOT ALL… Professional and Executive Portal Members can generate 1% or more DAILY through BitQue Managed Account Offers. Our Trading Professionals use the funds to accumulate value through P2P trades on various exchanges while you generate fixed income DAILY. *

Bitque Marketplace

BitQue Affiliate Marketplace provides all-in-one platform for our member community with variety of shopping categories and great experience. BitQue Product of The Day feature lists daily limited offers of popular products such as iPhones and other Smart Phones, Cameras, Headsets — all limited in quantity and greatly priced for our members. In addition, Entrepreneur and Executive members can promote their products and services to a large audience of BitQue community, while accepting payments into their own Secure Wallets 24/7.

Earn BIG. Spend SMART.

Generate Daily commissions for inviting new members to the team, Generating P2P transactions and Shopping in our Stores. The BIGGER is Your team the BIGGER are REWARDS.

Portal Sales P2P Transactions
P2P Transactions Shopping
Shopping Product Placements
Promoting (Social Media/Friends) Industry Events

Crypto Currency is expected to grow dynamically and BitQue P2P Exchange will contribute to its growth. Accelerate your wallet value simply by transacting and watching your team transact on BitQue.

P2P Transactions 50% of Transaction fees + Matching (15% − 10% − 5%)
Shopping 50% of Affiliate fees + Matching
BitQue Portal Sales 15% − 10% − 5% + Matching

BitQue Branded Debit Cards

Every Portal Member will be eligible for a virtual and physical BitQue VISA Debit Card which can be used for purchases, cash withdrawals and transfers between BitQue crypto wallet.

BitQue will be granting BQT Tokens on every purchase – 2% to purchaser and 1% shared among all BQT holders.

Access — Red Card
Entrepreneur — Gold Card
Executive — Platinum Card

Black Founder Cards will be pre-qualified during pre-boarding period for qualified portal members.

* Availability Q1, 2018. KYC and AML rules apply.

Bitque pre-boarding bonus

Every 2 Direct Sales of Executive Portal or $2,000 DIRECT PV producer will receive Co-Founder Status and Participate in 3% BitQue Global Revenue Share Pool for 12 months. In addition, there is automatic qualification for Managed DAILY Income Account while bringing only one Executive member to your team.

That’s not all. Every Pre-Boarding member will receive Pre-ICO BQT coins equal to the Portal value and 50% Premium on all Pre-ICO BQT coin purchases. In addition, quarterly profit sharing, daily dividends and Founder Card will be pre-qualified for early pre-boarded members.

Portal BQT Grant BQT Limit BQT Premium
Access $10 $100 50%
Entrepreneur $300 $3,000 50%
Executive $1,000 $10,000 50%

Industry Resources

BitQue Social Crypto Network incorporates access to multiple wallets and exchanges for our community to manage their various transactions — Trading, P2P lending, P2P Transfers, Funding Projects and e-Commerce Shopping Experience.

Opportunities Video

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One team. Big rewards.

Join today and start getting paid DAILY and instantly on all transactions generated by yourself or your team.

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Investing in any financial instruments, including through BitQue P2P transactions, like in any other business, includes risks, including capital losses, non-liquidity, lack of profit and delay, and should only be done with great caution while your portfolio is diversified. Members are warned about the risks of transacting on BitQue P2P exchanges. Transactions “guaranteed” by individuals are not covered by deposit insurance institutions or any other government agencies. BitQue P2P Exchange is not currently available in the United States.